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Edit your website's files in your Dropbox. No need to mess with FTP or the command-line.

Full Code Access

No wrestling with complex visual editors. Just simple, clean HTML, CSS and Javascript Code.

Ship to Amazon's cloud

Click the "Ship" button to publish your site. Production sites are hosted in Amazon's cloud.

Some sites hosted on Brace

Brace is perfect for marketing sites, portfolios, blogs and much more

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Let's hear it from our users

Brace allows me to get static sites up quickly and make adjustments without the hassle of learning a new CMS or updating templates in WordPress.
— Web Barr, Producer at National Geographic

Our team uses Brace to collaborate both internally and on customer projects. Everyone loves it.
— Josh Dzielak, VP of Engineering Keen IO

As a designer who works primarily in the browser with responsive websites, this is a really handy tool for getting prototypes online quickly with minimum fuss.
— Simon Foster, Designer

With Brace my team can update designs from anywhere, and I don't have to hassle with FTP.
— Benjamin Lotan, runs Social Print Studio

A few more reasons why you'll love Brace


You control what goes into Production. No need to worry about accidents.

Quick feedback

Draft version updates automatically and has a URL you can share to colleagues.

Tools you love

You can use any tools you like, since all files are accessible in Dropbox.


The convenience of Dropbox hosting, backed Amazon's cloud. No FTP required.

Blazingly fast

Sites are hosted on Amazon's cloud and distributed globally using a CDN

Custom domains

Either use subdomains, or easily setup your own.

Shipped in 60 seconds

Start your free trial now. No credit card required.

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Start your free trial now. No credit card required.

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Here's some other tools we've made to simplify static sites


Just send your forms to our URL and we'll forward it to your email. Perfect for static sites.


Use our URL to inject charts into your website. The data is supplied via the URL, no Javascript required.


Easy-to-use static site generator that lets you avoid repeating HTML on multiple pages.